SOFW - Verlag f. chem. Industrie H. Ziolkowsky GmbH Stand 201

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SOFW – Verlag fuer chemische Industrie, H. Ziolkowsky GmbH is publisher of books and magazines for the cosmetic, household and personal care industry and organizer of events and conferences.

SOFW Journal is the standard literature for all cosmetic formulators worldwide. The specialized trade magazine offers one of the most comprehensive editorial for the cosmetic, personal care, perfumers, detergents, cleaners and household products industry. SOFW Journal is published in English, German, Polish, Chinese and Farsi version (on-line versions: German and English).

Verlag für chemische Industrie offers a wide range of trade and science literature for the cosmetic and detergents industry as well. SOFW is also organizer of worldwide HPCI Congresses, conferences and other major events for the cosmetic industry.

Publisher of the IFSCC Magazine in behalf of the IFSCC. The IFSCC Magazine is the peer reviewed scientific magazine for the members of the national cosmetic societies organized within the IFSCC and individual subscribers. Published quarterly it has a circulation of some 15,000 copies in 53 countries. 
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