HSH Chemie Sp. z o.o. Stand 400

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Website: www.hsh-chemie.com

HSH Chemie Distribution Group takes pride in being recognized as one of the leading, privately owned companies in the chemical distribution industry in Central and Eastern Europe.
Our proactive culture, communication network, strong sales experience, technical competence, compliance standard, professional marketing approach and comprehensive customer care makes us a competent and strategic business partner.

HSH Chemie offers a wide range of raw materials suitable for the cosmetics and household industries, including: active substances, botanical extracts, proteins, vitamins for skin and hair care products, vegetable oils, natural waxes, emulsifiers, emmolients, humectants, mild surfactants, conditioning and styling polymers, opacifiers, rheology modifiers, preservatives, solvents, fatty acids, fragrances and essential oils, dyes and pigments, antiperspirant actives and others.

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