SupadElixir Co. Ltd. NEW Stand 222

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SupadElixir Co., Ltd. was founded by Prof. Dr. JH Hahn, PhD. in December of 2009 as a bio-venture company for the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of biomimetic tripeptides for bio-drugs, OTC drugs and cosmetic / cosmeceutical products.

SupadElixir has developed lots of the excellent tripeptides with less than 500 Dalton molecular weight that are to be percutaneously penetrated without any delivery agents or additives. Such ultra-light 500 Dalton molecular weight tripeptides are quiteinnovative and effective not only for the development of the new bio-drugs, but also for their cosmetic and OTC drug applications as subcutaneously penetrating ingredients.

SupadElixir has many INCI named and PCPC (Personal Care Products Council, formerly CTFA) registered tripeptides as cosmetic ingredients and plenty of additional new tri-peptides are able to be applied for PCPC cosmetic ingredients.

Major Businesses
  • Research and development of new and efficient tripeptides
  • Research and development of new bio-drugs using tripeptides
  • Manufacturing and sales/marketing of cosmetic/ cosmeceutical products using tripeptides
  • Manufacturing and sales/marketing of OTC new drugs using tripeptides
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