Hallstar Stand 400

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Website: https://www.hallstar.com/

Hallstar is a leading global provider of specialty chemistry solutions. We take a collaborative approach to every engagement, delivering technical support, chemistry expertise and industry knowledge to help our customers make the most of their products, from concepts to the first production batches.

Our depth of scientific expertise sets us apart, and we are well known for competency in photoprotection science, ester chemistry, functional naturals development and more. Decades of extensive research, industry engagement and an agile technical and development team positions us on the leading edge of ester and specialty chemistry.

In addition to hundreds of ready-made formulations, Hallstar’s experienced research and development team can work closely with you to develop innovative, custom solutions for your specific need. We can conduct in-vitro SPF/PFA testing on-site at our laboratories, and we also provide required technical, regulatory and operational support.

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