The Kerfoot Group Stand 740
Address: The Olive House, DL6 2 XA Northallerton, GB
Tel.: 00 44 (0)1609 766790
E-mail: speciality(at)

The Kerfoot Group are true oil specialists: we are a leading manufacturer and provider of natural ingredients to the global personal care and food market. Our incredible product range is made up of over 700 natural raw materials produced and delivered globally, ranging from; Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, Botanical Extracts, Bespoke Infusions, Butters, Waxes, Exfoliators, Seeds, Meal and Personal Care Bases.

We offer over 700 different ground breaking natural raw materials with some fantastic origin stories. Why not pay us a visit to find out more about our range. For further information on any of our products please don’t hesitate to contact our team on we are always happy to help.

700 Natural Products Produced & Delivered Globally – Its Incredible.
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