Cosmitaly Group Srl Stand CB 730
Address: Via Aldo Moro, 40 - Zona Artigianale, 00055 Ladispoli (RM), Italy
Tel.: +39 06 99 22 32 69
E-mail: commercial1(at)

COSMITALY GROUP a cosmetic company located to the north of Rome, was founded in 1984 by the MD Romano Calì. His experience in plastic surgery and dermatology led to the creation of innovative ANATOMICAL
TRANSDERMAL PATCHES, the intensive treatment for dermic and hypodermic problems. The idea for the patches came from the need o increase the transdermal distribution of medication. This was then applied to patches, resulting in the latest generation of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals - a term registered with WIPO in 1971 and which refers to the cosmetic science which strives for increased efficiency compared to any normal cream.
After many years of research carried out in private clinics and hospitals by the creator, MD Romano Calì, and following extensive collaboration with other medics from Italy and abroad, as well as chemical experts in the field of cosmetics, the product was patented all over the world including the USA. 
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